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Endless Visions has been working in the field of reverse engineering since 1995 and specializing in removing dongles, security devices, software locks and providing custom dongle emulators.



Welcome to Endless Visions!
Custom designed software and dongle emulators

Endless Visions  is a software company that is dedicated to the removal of dongles, security keys and hardlock devices which can and often do cause severe problems with computer users.

User Problems:
  • Several customers have complained that their security device does not function correctly with certain virus checkers, especially systems with AMD processors. We highly recommend that you have someone professionally remove the security key before it decides to fail. In most cases we can't help you remove the security key after it fails.
  • Dongles tie up a port on the host machine. This has been eliminated to some extent by the adoption of USB hardware key, but is still a serious drawback. To get around this, most practical dongles include a replacement port, so as to become an inline device.
  • In fields where dongle-controlled software is common, users often need more than one such application installed on a given computer. Manufacturers claim that multiple dongles - hardware keys can be successfully stacked or daisy-chained, but operational problems with stacked dongles are common. The number of dongles can also become physically problematic.
  • There is the obvious problem of losing the hardware key, rendering the copy-controlled software useless until a hardware key emulator or replacement can be obtained. This is particularly likely if one needs to swap dongles for different applications. USB dongles can also easily be bent when used on laptop computers, especially during the somewhat common act of lifting the front to look for something like a battery release switch.
  • Our software products and hardware emulators are copyrighted and specifically written at the express wishes of our customers. Increase productivity by removing the security device that causes delays and malfunction of software.
  • Plus much more ...
Powerful features:
  • Easy to use and user friendly ...
    So easy a child can use our dongle emulators. One click of a button is all it takes to use your software without the dongle!
  • Can be used on multiple computers at the same time ...
    So many of our customers email us and say it is so nice to be able to use their software at home without taking the dongle back and forth.
  • Plus much more ...
Satisfaction Guarantee / Order with confidence:
  • 100% money back guarantee!.
  • FREE lifetime US support.
  • Any dongle can be removed!
  • Simply the best dongle removal service on the Internet!

    Endless Visions Quarantee
    Our guarantee: All our software is backed by an unconditional 30 day guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our software for any reason, please contact us for a full refund.
    What could be better?
If you have any doubts of the ease of use of our products or its user friendliness just have a look at some Screen Shots of our dongle emulators in action.   We are so confident about this and our entire product line, that we offer a 100% money back unconditional 30 day guarantee if our product(s) does not meet with your expectations!
Contact Us Custom Emulators Why spend hundreds of dollars even thousands to purchase another dongle if you loose it! Our emulators and software start at: $599.00*** (USD) ONLY  (Includes free tech support for 90 days.
  • Increase productivity by removing the annoying dongle!
  • Peace of mind knowing your dongle is in a safe place!

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