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Undecided voters and non-voters
- Alfred R. Haines -

“A little about my background: I'm 67 years old and was drafted into the ARMY. I served in Vietnam August 20, 1969 to October 22, 1970 as a helicopter door gunner. I received the AIR MEDAL while I was in Vietnam. I was very lucky that I came home in one piece! One night I was chosen for bunker duty and while I was at my post on top of the bunker all hell broke loose. As Mortars began to fall everywhere I dove off the bunker and landed inside a 50 gallon drum. One leg in and other out! You can't amagine the pain I was in but managed to crawl to the other side of the bunker. Laying there bleeding very badly and finally passing out. Later came to in the dispensary and the doctor said I was very lucky that I was not dead. Couple weeks later the First Sergeant asked if I would be interested in a purple heart? I replied that it would be hard to accept a purple heart in front of all the other soldiers that deserved the medal. I decided that I would pass and not accept the purple heart.”

“I have to be honest and say that I have never voted for anyone! For years I have been saying the system is corrupt, rigged and would never vote. Lots of people would get mad at me and would say "I should vote".”

“I have been watching the 2016 Election for almost a year and Donald J. Trump is the real deal! After watching Hillary Clinton and all of her lies how can anyone trust her to be president. I registered to vote in Michigan and I'm talking to everyone I know to vote for Donald Trump. I don't have a lot of money but have donated over $300 so far to his campaign. I want America to be great again and I am voting for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States!”


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